• 2015 March 23

Company Description

Solution for secure e-mail/chat/file transfer/+ to prevent data leaks

Everyone occasionally needs to share sensitive information. Especially in sectors as healthcare, law, banking, etc. Think of patient reports, MRI, scans, contracts, etc. In that case you do not want to use ‘normal’ e-mail, chat, or a cloudservice without safety guarantees. Especially as an organization, how do you gain control over what employees are sharing? For example everyone can send any e-mail to anyone. How do you prevent this? Current solutions provide no answers. ZIVVER, have a solution that solves this without creating a unworkable situation. You just use ZIVVER from within your normal e-mail, such as outlook, via Whatsapp or via our user friendly (web)app. They do not require end-users to (significantly) change their way of working. With their solution they help organizations to prevent sensitive information from being shared with the wrong persons in the wrong way and thus prevent then from high financial penalties and severe damage to their image.