• 2006

Company Description

μ-GPS Optics is the developer of a technology used in extremely precise 3D optical measurements for industrial applications.

µ-GPS Optics GmbH specializes in performing extremely precise 3D optical measurements in the 1-5 µm range, requiring distinctly shorter time than the conventional methods. The system was developed for measurements in industrial applications, especially for automated machine tool acceptance processes and monitoring of industrial production of precise components. The µ-GPS system provides exact positioning of moving parts during the machine installation processes and delivers quantitative data where demand for absolute accuracy is required. User Advantages: - Speed – visibly shorter measuring time than conventional methods - Real Time Measurements - Customized measurement precision The motivated µ-GPS team creates unique customer value in measurement solutions. Our partnership with Carl Zeiss AG reflects our commitment and inspires us at the same time. We set no limits to our work and strive to take advantage of worldwide market opportunities.