• 2014 January 11

Company Description

Improving Education with cutting-edge technologies

01Tek will be the world's leading eLearning Network Site (eLNS) a platform that connects students with teachers and the best learning content around the world. 01TEK's mission is to make Online Learning easy and free, more open and high quality. In one word 01TEK is a one-stop-shop for students and teachers where they can find any courses (document, video or audio), Internships or Job Offers and in the same test their skills. 01TEK is using technology to enhache learning experience,education tradionnal methods and let anyone from everywhere learn and have access to knowledge. 01Tek will have enormous size and scale : With so many students using 01TEK on a regular basis, it is an attractive destination for advertisers and developers alike. 01TEK is a multi-sided platform that serves different customer segments with different value propositions. To increase the user engagement 01TEK will partner with Univertsities such as Harvard , Standford, MIT and private schools.