• 2013

Company Description

1Linx is a data and solutions company that provides APIs to help companies solve business problems.

Founded in 2013, 1Linx is a data and solutions company with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. 1Linx provides APIs to help companies solve a wide range of business problems. Whether the goal is lead generation, fraud mitigation, or information validation – the data provided is focused to help create great user experiences and practical solutions for everyday use. Our API toolkit consists of: Click-To-Fill – A way to pre-populate customer information on registration and other forms, and allows for data authentication with a single click IP Information – A solution to help pinpoint a customer’s location so they can be reached with relevant and targeted advertising Operator Look-Up – An opportunity to look up a phone number for attributes such as the carrier tied to it and whether or not it is a mobile number. Subscriber Look-Up – A tool that provides the name and address on customers – based on their phone number – so time is not wasted on developing a customer profile 1linx is dedicated to building advanced intelligence within existing applications in order to provide businesses with enriched data on their customers. With the 1Linx API toolkit, business platforms and products can run smarter and more efficiently. Find out more about us on our site at 1Linx.com