Company Description

1mage Software Inc operates in the technology industry.

1mage Software Inc, pronounced “One Image,” has been in the Document Imaging/Management industry for nearly 25 years and as a technology leader for over 35 years. They think this is a great accomplishment considering how difficult the technology industry has been for the past 2 decades. This is a testament of their resolve and versatility in the ever changing technology environment. They primarily write all of their own software and include open source applications that enhance their products on many levels. their partnerships with other leaders in their respected industries give us the ability to provide innovative solutions at reasonable investments. As They move forward in the software industry, their goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service as well as cutting edge products. While “pushing the envelope” on a daily basis is tiring, They feel confident that their efforts will produce solutions that will continue to make users’ lives easier and companies more profitable. Their mission is to provide paperless solutions to organizations of all sizes, looking to become more profitable by securely managing non-structured information with results-driven software. ​ It is important to us that each and every customer gets the satisfaction they desire through the use of their product. They will strive each day to enhance not only their product line, but the overall performance their solution was set out to do.