• 2011 August 15

Company Description

Develops Me-centric Products and Services

1ME, LLC is a start-up venture whose mission is to enhance individuals' experiences by providing product and service solutions and opportunities that enable them to do more. Currently, 1ME has two offerings: Waddle and MeToo Studios. Waddle, an iOS and Android app that is currently under develop, aims to recapture the college audience by building 3 separate, private networks. Waddle is the only social network that Students, Faculty and Staff, and Alumni can collaborate on, privately. With Waddle, users can communicate and network with friends in their respective private circle and also connect with like-minded individuals, regardless of their private network, in shared networks: Majors, Organizations and Sports. Blending in the other major social networks, users can keep up with all of the other major social media updates in one location. MeToo Studios is our design and development workshop, producing custom websites and mobile applications. Specializing in WordPress, Magento and other e-commerce solutions, and design, we aim to quickly launch websites at affordable costs.