• 2011

Company Description

1Mind is a social discovery app for discovering new friends and sharing interests.

1Mind has merged with Statsocial 1Mind is a social discovery app to discover new friends and share with like minded people in our natural communities. Find people most like you at your school, new job, or a new city. 1Mind includes lots of fun games where users express themselves, their interests, and their preferences. 1Mind then compares your choices to other users choices in a fun and visual way, and connects you with new potential friends. 1Mind gives you a rank order list of people most like you. For example, Bob is 94% like you, Jill is 91% like you, and Rick is 88% like you. The people on the list, and the order, could change everyday because more people join 1Mind and people play more games that express their interests. The matching algorithm uses game play results, lists, and surveys to continuously evaluate who is most like you.