• 2016

Company Description

1oT provides the world’s easiest way to connect your IoT device to the Internet in 150 countries

1oT offers global cellular data & SMS for connected devices, controlled via easy-to-use connectivity management platform with a powerful API 1oT enables every small & medium-sized IoT device maker to order, set up and manage multi-operator-SIM cards via self-service based connectivity management platform (1oT Terminal) with powerful API. 1oT deals with multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in different parts of the world & handles seamless switching between them on its 1oT multi-operator SIM (1oT SIM). Additionally, 1oT is directly reselling third-party MNO SIMs that can be controlled & managed via 1oT Terminal (1oT Partner SIM). The service addresses the challenges of managing two or more different mobile operators with different SIM cards, varying pricing rules and agreement terms, while providing best value-added platform, SIM controllability features and worldwide data rates. 1oT belongs to Mobi Solutions Group, a mobile value-added services provider that during its 16 years of activity has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications, IT, and mobile services to the market, for example, Fortumo (https://fortumo.com/), Messente (https://messente.com/) and Mobi Lab (https://lab.mobi/).