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  • 2009 May 01

Company Description

1ring is a platform that allows users to store information online even when they are offline.

Based on an already existing technology, 1ring is a platform for saving and delivering information in a fast, free and easy way. 1ring is the meeting point between the real and the digital world, a simple tool that allows everyone to store their real-life discoveries online even when they are offline. 1ring was founded in December 2009 and at the end of 2010 it received investments from H-Farm, the technology incubator. 1ring is a new media, born to deliver structured information anytime, anywhere and in any language, therefore giving new life to print, radio, television and outdoor content distribution. 1ring creates a virtual space to collect and store everything that catches our attention. On the one hand, 1ring allows the consumer to obtain and store only on demand information, on the other hand it provides companies the certainty of having communicated effectively. Many contents can be delivered via 1ring numbers: hyperlinks, texts, images, business cards and much more. 1ring numbers have several possible application fields: TV gaming and contest, bus tracking, print magazines, tourism, real estate, event organization and so on.