• 2007

Company Description

1st Merchant Funding (1MF) is a leading Merchant Cash Advance and Bank Revenue provider

1st Merchant Funding (1MF) is a leading Merchant Cash Advance and Bank Revenue provider. Founded in 2007, 1MF delivered $150+ million in immediate working capital to thousands of small to mid-sized businesses nationwide via the PowerForce Small Business Platform. 1MF services over 800 industries, and was recently named by INC500 as the #94th fastest growing company in the United States. 1st Merchant Funding is a licensee of PowerForce, the multi million dollar proprietary, industry leading financial technology platform that provides business owners, financial institutions, and ISOs with innovative daily cash flow insight they rely on to manage operations in real-time. PowerForce risk / data modeling, and cloud services delivers a perfect ecosystem for users to manage and rely on retention, customer satisfaction, SMB Lending, SMB Underwriting, Payment Processing and Acquiring. PowerForce integrates with the countries leading payment providers, Over 10,000+ financial institutions, merchants, and ISOs, providing access to the daily remittance receivables of a multitude of SMB finance products and services through it's subsidiary, 1st Merchant Funding, LLC. 1MFs network consists of over 2,900 registered Independent Sales Agents (ISOs), and brokers marketing our products and services to small businesses nationwide. It also holds strategic relationships with over 15 of the nations leading payment providers including First Data.