• 2016 December 01

Company Description

1THING brings designers & businesses together to collaborate on all things design.

1THING is a subscription-based Design as a Service, combining AI & India's Top Design Talent. Companies use 1THING to hire Remote Design Teams on an ongoing long-term engagement for all things design: product design to branding to user research to user testing to UX analytics to graphics to social media to marketing collaterals. Work happens on 1THING's in-house (Slack-like) Collaborative Platform with real-time messaging, design-tools integrations and simplified project management. Engagement plan is highly optimized at INR 69k a month for first 40 hours & INR 1950 an hour after that. Services include product design, usability analysis, design review, design sprint, UX & UI, user research, user testing, UX analytics, social media design, graphic design, brand design, illustrations, marketing collaterals & more.