• 2004 April 01

Company Description

They are a researcdh and development company commercialising our innovative, patent pending.

2DHeat Limited is a Warrington-based R&D company. which has developed and patented a novel form of electric heating element, The company, which has plans to move to Merseyside, produces innovative ‘flat’ electric heating technology that can be sprayed on to suitable surfaces of products.

  • Manufacturer:

    Data and Analytics
  • Formed:

    April 1, 2004
  • Founders:

    Jon Clauson
  • Company Website:

  • Company E-mail:

  • Company Address:

    C/o Solvay Interox Chemicals Limited, Solavay House, Baronet Road, Cheshire
    United Kingdom
  • CEO:

    • Jon Clauson
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