• 2014

Company Description

2eat is a mobile app that helps hungry diners search and discover the best food at nearby restaurants with dish level reviews and ratings.

Are you hungry? What would you like 2eat? Need help finding where 2eat? Have you ever been at a restaurant and didn't know what to order? Where can you find the best lasagna in New York? Did you just eat the best (or worst) dish and wish you could tell the world? 2eat.menu is a visual guide to restaurants and their menus. You can find all the best restaurants or search for a specific dish of your liking (Burger, Sushi, Steak…). The social platform allows all users to become food critics and be a real restaurant celebrity, rating a dish with a single click - just by taking a photo.

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    Nir Cohen
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    Tel Aviv
  • CEO:

    • Nir Cohen
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