• 2012

Company Description

Digital Health. 2Morrow's Behavior Change Engine powers our evidence-based programs such as 2Morrow Health's smoking cessation app.

2Morrow, Inc. - Mobilizing Behavior Change http://www.2morrowinc.com Our team of dedicated developers, designers, wellness experts and advisers combines decades of professional industry experience to create evidence-based tools that help people create change by changing their habits. Our Behavior Change Engine powers a suite of evidence-based, clinically proven smartphone behavior change programs to B2B payers and providers. SmartQuit, now 2Morrow Health Smoking, is a patent-pending behavior change program developed with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center based on over 6 years and $10M in NIH R&D for smoking cessation. 2Morrow Health Smoking was proven effective in clinical trials and helps employers comply with the Affordable Care Act. This app increases program utilization and the number of quitters for less cost than current telephone coaching programs. The therapy approach is also applied to weight and stress management in our 2Morrow Health app. Wellness Apps - Smoking Cessation Apps - Behavior Change Apps http://www.2morrowinc.com