• 2006 August 01

Company Description

2THINKNOW offers data sets and analytics to a platform that enables its users to find and measure economic opportunities.

2thinknow has developed separate innovative business units -- including the world's largest cities data set to find and measure global economic opportunities in the innovation economy. Currently this data is provided to leading US corporations and cities worldwide from Singapore to Barcelona. The company have created unique big data, data design, data science and data analytics processes, algorithms, and data tools that make it possible to measure, compare and change economic performance at the cities level. In 2010 onwards, the firm set up the Innovation Cities Program, free Innovation Cities Index and City Benchmarking Data program to grow the market penetration for innovation in cities. Since 2013 they have refined the technical aspects of their product offering into a packaged data product for companies like Samsung, Apple and others. In 2016 we have opportunities for investment in big data and other ventures. 2thinknow was the first firm to use the term innovation agency in 2006. The firm can be contacted via the 2thinknow website.