• 2004 May 01

Company Description

2threads is a fashion-focused social network based in Sydney, Australia.

2threads is as a social network with style. It is a place where anyone with a penchant for fashion can come to look, love and buy fashion all in one, easy to reach place. No matter who you are or where you are from 2threads is a place where you can engage in all your guilty fashion-fixated vices. You can share your thoughts on all things fashion and style by uploading blogs, you can let pictures do the talking by uploading photos, you can even get really tricky and upload videos. You can spend your hard earned cash at 2threads Shop on a special item that you just have to have; you can even set up your own shop and sell some of your own designs or clear out your wardrobe and flog your fashion to make room for new pieces. And, if all else fails you can just hang about networking with other 2threaders on the site.