• 2005

Company Description

2Win-Solutions offers an application that provides its users with tools to manage projects with the other members of the team.

KonoLive is an instant collaboration application based on Adobe Air. It implements productivity methods like 'Getting Things Done', and automatically manages your activities for you, so your interactions with your friends & colleagues are reduced to the actual work. It's the perfect time- and hassle-saver, and is ideal for tasks small and large. On the surface, it's arranged like a to-do list, but as you open each activity you can add other people to it (whether KonoLive users or not), include specific content and take part in a discussion around a specific task. Everything is managed in a single location, and KonoLive updates you as your friends proceed with their tasks. You can even make your activities public, viewable on our website or through our blog badge. On top of that, KonoLive acts as a social-content-collaboration platform by working alongside other communication and productivity applications, putting them all into a single context. We already work with Box.net to store all of your activity content, and we're about to launch Skype recording support, Yuuguu screen sharing, and much more. Available features: due-dates, reminders, priorities, task progress, advanced search options, chat, contextual linking, real-time updates and notifications, activity updates and statuses, unlimited projects with unlimited people, online-offline synchronization, Use for: project management, task management, time management, personal information management (PIM), to-do lists, GTD software