• 2001 January 10

Company Description

3 IQs is a digital marketing company which offers many web development services.

Progressive Outstanding Media Believe it or not our company's CEO started doing business with a suitcase back in 1997. Delivering great opportunities from business to business across the USA. Our fundamental belief was always to make money but at the same time to make something that will benefit small businesses to succeed. Our staff works hard to generate business for our customers; we work in multiple different ways but the most known are the following: - Website Design - Online Marketing - Internet Consulting - IT Consulting - Online Identity - Internet Advertising - Graphic Design We Specialize in the following type of businesses but not only: - ecommerce web design - small business web design - corporate web design - business web page design Creating a website, brochure, flyer and a video is not that hard. Even a grade 4 kid can implement such media. Our experience has taught us a lot and therefore we have developed a great network that supports our fundamental actions. Having in our network great companies guarantees success to your business with outstanding direct and spontaneous results. Every case is a new case and every business is a new adventure to us. Even thought we have been doing the same approaches over and over again we learnt that every business is different. Therefore our expertise in absolute corporate approach is consisted of 3 weeks of hard working to find out outstanding methods to get the most our of your business; to highlight your business on different media and to take your brand to other publics, ages, cities or even continents.