• 2010

Company Description

360Globalnet create novel and disruptive technology and products.

In 2010 360Globalnet set out to devise, create and acquire novel and disruptive digital technology products and services, so businesses could switch to digital processes, to improve efficiencies and achieve competitive advantage. Businesses get a 360-degree view of an incident, for faster, more accurate decision-making to they can rapidly adopt and exploit digital processes, to significantly improve customer self-service, to the level of retail online. 360Globalnet successfully revises clients’ business models, with minimum business disruption and maximum business benefit, so human intervention is used, at the most appropriate point in the reporting process. They continue to invest substantially in their online digital platform so it is sufficiently high quality for their clients to offer the mobile experience customers demand; it's a reason why their implementation success rate is 100 percent. Their core team consists of more than 60 experts, with wide-ranging industry business and technology expertise, plus a team of 1,000 field workers, to facilitate assisted incident reporting.