• 2005

Company Description

360imaging is a 3D digital implantology provider offering a variety of products and services to implant professionals and their patients.

360imaging based in Atlanta, Georgia is a leading provider in 3D Digital Implantology, offering a range of products and services to implant professionals and their patients. At 360imaging our mission is improve the cost, quality and accessibility of implant treatment planning worldwide through our unique solution offering that covers the whole cycle from scan to surgical guide. In close cooperation with top doctors and researchers around the world, 360imaging continues to develop the 360imaging solution, a complete solution for all implant treatment needs. The 360imaging solution draws upon our years of experience, expertise and innovation in the field making it the most perfect and complete solution for doctor needs. 360imaging solution includes the following set of integrated products and services: - 360dps: An intuitive and easy to use treatment planning software for accurate and predictable planning of implant cases. - Surgical Guides: The most affordable surgical guides for every case scenario. Manufactured and designed in USA, cutting down delivery time in half. - Digital Lab Service: Offering complete Implant-related service such as Radiology Reports, Conversion & Image Modeling and Customized Treatment Planning services. Company History: 360imaging opened its doors for business in 2005, with the initial goal of building 3D CT imaging centers for the dental community across the United States. After opening two centers in Atlanta and one Preferred Scan Center in Athens, GA and one in Charlotte, NC, we realized the need to offer our dental practice clients Digital Lab service after each patient scan. In order to best serve our dental practice clients, we decided to pursue the development of the 360 Digital Lab, that offered complete Implant treatment related services including Radiology Reports, Conversion and Image Modeling and Treatment Planning services. After planning over 30,000 cases over 6 years, we saw the shortcomings of the software packages on the market and saw an opportunity to simplify the planning process through a superior software option that would work with any type of implant. That led to the development of 360dps; a comprehensive, cost-effective and intuitive implant planning software designed to make implant planning painless. In addition, the backups and delays on surgical guides coming from overseas were a constant problem. In response, we have developed a state-of-the-art technology to produce surgical guides here in Atlanta, GA. This technology allows us to produce guides in half the time of guides that are produced overseas, letting practitioners complete cases faster and increasie cash flow.