• 2014

Company Description

B2B Marketplace for Marketing Products and Services. In 2 years, the Startup already helped more than 140k SMB's to grow their businesses.

360 aims to be the Hassle-Free Marketing Partner for SMB's. Leveraging on a B2B marketplace model and proprietary technology, the company is able to provide SMB's an all-in-one service (unique design, replication, template, upload) across geographies (Europe to America) and across product categories (flyers, t-shirts, packaging, etc.). The strong cash and high margin model allowed the company to reach € 7.25m annualized revenue in 2 years, only with a € 0.25m seed round. The end-vision of the team is to replicate the model throughout the SMB's marketing journey. Local websites: www.360imprimir.com.br www.360imprimir.es www.360imprimir.pt www.imprimir360.com.mx