• 2010

Company Description

360in1 Spherical Vision Systems is a supplier of security cameras with a 360 degree view.

360in1 spherical vision systems is one of the Scopustech engineering company three product lines. The system is used for security, defense & media related services. They develop spherical vision systems for perimeter surveillance, robotics, maritime surveillance, and situational awareness. They have developed the Rotary Image Generator (RIG) method which is a proprietary technology to produce full or partly spherical moving images in real-time. 360in1 spherical vision systems provides affordable panoramic surveillance in high resolution, at low latency with simultaneous recording, at adjustable frame rates - either with visual or thermal vision - with interfaces for integration into C2 systems for security, surveillance, law enforcement, robotics, simulation. They offer high resolution panoramic vision in real time for broadcasting or recording of sports events, concerts, sightseeing tours, surround movies, interactive TV and more, whether indoor or outdoor. 360in1 Spherical Vision Systems are advanced yet affordable panoramic vision subsystems at very low latency and high resolution - either with visual or thermal imagers - for mobile or stationary platforms with interfaces for integration into platforms.