• 2013

Company Description

365 Good Teacher is a service platform and website focused on searching for tutors.

365 Good Teacher (365好老师网站) is a service platform and website for tutor searching where parents can make appointment with teachers and reserve courses on line. Parents are enabled to reserve courses on-line with teachers who will provide coaching off-line to satisfy their individual needs and improve the study efficiency of pupils.It includes a convenient course reservation system, strict teacher qualification attestation, true user appraisal, and push of teachers based on location by the given website. Through 365 good teachers platform, you can search the teachers' information according to categories like subject, grade, geographic position, and more. Parents can pay for the courses through e-bank or working staff of 365 Good Teacher can go to receive the payment. Teachers from 365 good teachers platform are required to be certificated through online certification system, which well guarantees the authenticity of the teachers' quality.

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    Financial Services
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    Weining Wang
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    Zhongguancun West District Cube Court Building,, Room 2, Room 119
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    • Weining Wang
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