• 2005

Company Description

3D Prod is a growing 3D Printing Company in an expanding market.

3D Prod 3D printing company was founded in 2005. At that time, the technology already existed about 10 years and some modelers had integrated it because it matched with a logic evolution of their know-how. They focused on Powder Laser Sintering which featured at that time an interesting flexibility in a company start-up context : creating plastic parts like metal parts became possible with only one equipment. Their original idea was to manufacture moulds for plastic injection tooling, but They recognized quite quickly that this market was very narrow. They have thus been moving towards the modeling and prototyping market. In this field, they have developed their 3D printing company by expanding both their capacities and the range of offered technologies. Their strategy all along this growth has been to industrialize at a maximum their processes (manufacturing, sales and distribution, administration) and to consider that service was as important as the quality of the manufactured products.