Company Description

We scan and project the latest products

3DR Group (3D Retail Group) aims to revolutionize the way that retail organizations advertise their products and differentiate their brand in increasingly competitive markets. The problem with existing advertising channels is that they lack novelty, given the mind-blowing rate that technology is advancing. By innovatively combining existing 3D scanning and holography devices, 3DR Group will be able to transform physical products into 3D holograms that can be displayed in stores, malls, or even on a company’s website. Market research shows that there are a number of 3D imaging and scanning companies that already exist (e.g. Direct Dimensions). These “competitors” address a number of markets, such as industrial, mechanical, and architectural 3D imaging, but fail to address the retail market. This allows 3DR Group to be a first-mover into an undiscovered corner of an industry that is expected to grow to about $10 billion by 2018, according to a number of sources.