• 2014 July 18

Company Description

The easy, fun and efficient 3D modelling software for all. The perfect UGC 3D content creation solution, for consumer usages and AR-VR.

3D Slash is praised as the easiest 3D modelling tool on the market: thanks to its intuitive approach and captivating interface, 3D Slash engages mainstream users (non-designers and children) in 3D content creation. 3D Slash offers a solution to all industries relying on 3D content and design (AR-VR, modular Internet of Things, consumer 3D printing...). It also is an efficient tool for STEM teachers to develop children's vision in space, design skills and problem-solving abilities. 3D Slash is available online and offline, on all devices and all OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry pi, iOS, Android).