Company Description

Free WiFi in a bubble!

3D WiFi Fencing is a green and sustainable technology that provides Open Free WiFi for hotels, cafe bars, restaurants, malls, airports, etc. in a dynamic 3D space radius. The “3D WiFi Fencing” technology delivers an enhanced version of services: 1. 3D ranged WiFi services (IPS & OPS) 2. Floor management 3. Customer personalization 4. In-shop real-time promo & advertising 5. Reporting & statistics 6. Building & homeland security 7. IoT Channeling Furthermore, the “3D WiFi Fencing” technology enables: 1. Instant access with no password 2. Super fast Internet 3. Battery saving (up to 4 hours) 4. Firewalling & dynamic traffic shaping 5. Added-value services on-the-fly 6. Anonymous statistics A proof of concept is already available and runs in a large cafeteria which is one of our early adopters.