• 2009

Company Description

3DeWitt's mission is to commercialize the patents in 3D optics.

3DeWitt's mission is to commercialize the patents in 3D optics of its founder, Thomas Ditto. 3DeWitt LLC was spun off from its parent, DeWitt Brothers Tool Company, Inc. in 2009 with seed capitalization and took over research underwritten by the National Science Foundation. New technologies have converged to create a new marketplace for 3D. Inexpensive computers have become ubiquitous with unprecedented power to calculate and display imagery in 3D. However, without a complementary means to see in 3D, a computer is blind to the third dimension. Diffractive optics, once the preserve of high end spectroscopy laboratories and astronomical observatories, are now minted in polycarbonate plastic for the cost of their embossing, typically pennies. By joining the confluence of powerful computers and inexpensive optics, 3DeWitt is poised to trigger a revolution in 3D vision. 3DeWitt has patents on solutions that can fill a billion dollar marketplace for 3D acquisition instruments such as cameras, localizers, and graphical input devices.