• 2011

Company Description

3ids is a home automation and intelligent building technical management company.

3iDS is the abbreviation of ' I nnovative, I ntelligent, I nteractive D igital S olutions'. To implement technology and management of the environment, home automation is one of the answers to the intelligent management of residential buildings and communities. The company 3iDS Sarl was created in 2011. It is composed of passionate people and many years of experience, acquired as employees, in their previous company audio / video and home automation integration of the Lake Geneva area. Our experience of the last 10 years on projects of all sizes, ensures you a certain quality in the study, the conduct and the realization of these. Certain electronic elements essential to the implementation of our facilities are not always available on the market. We are led to manufacture or modify some of them in our workshops. A good implementation of the management of your electrical appliances installed in the framework of an energy efficiency, allows us to assure you an optimal use of your installation without reducing your comfort.