• 2007

Company Description

Holding company

415 Ventures is a holding company that owns and operates (as well as provides venture funding, a future endeavor) subsidiaries on and off the web. Our first investment is a social media-networking site called ViewersRepublic.com, which uses user-generated contents, i.e. videos, photos, blogs, and music to introduce and connect one member to another. ViewersRepublic.com also serves as an alternative to iTunes and Amazon as a place to sell music. What we have over the other guys is that we do not take commissions out of the revenue the artists/bands make selling through us. We charge a one-time fee for setting up the album, and $20 a month for selling through us. In addition, we take the a lot of the stress out of out trying to get their music heard for indies because we provide a radio function that they can automatically add their music to, which is available for free streaming by ALL visitors. We also provide this service to major labels worldwide.