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451 Degrees is a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform.

451 Degrees is a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform. All participants in the Content Marketplace: Content Providers, Advertisers and Consumers have pains in the current system. Content Providers want to create enhanced engagement, know more about their viewers, deliver enhanced advertising and create simple, better Search Engine Optimization within their sites as well as in traditional Search Engines. Advertisers know there is an audience but they want to know the Articles, Images, Videos, Music and Products they are associated with fit all their marketing needs and do not create tensions. Consumers want a simple and easy experience that will also allow them to have a voice. Currently, there is too much unidentifiable or inappropriately labeled Articles, Images, Videos, Music and Product content on too many channels to properly make it all fit. Where and what is all this Big Data? 451 Degrees has created Graffiti, a Big Data software as a service (SaaS), that, without requiring any change to the original content, helps solve these issues and more. Graffiti follows content, whether it is an article, video, image, music or product, over multiple locations such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook plus others and analyzes all comments and info about that piece as an independent source and in symphony. Graffiti works with content publishers; news sites, video sites, image sites, product sites, blogs, e-commerce product sites and any one with comments or a desire to increase consumer engagement within their site. Big Data bringing Real Time results increasing revenues and relevance. Here’s how it works... Utilizing a simple bi-directional API, Graffiti analyzes large data sets so they can be used in a pro-active and revenue generating capacity to identify opportunities and strategies to better engage your consumer, deliver better advertising or product placement to your product and define all things properly. Graffiti is built to specifically analyze and redefine Internet content in REAL TIME by augmenting existing meta data with user generated comments. In short - Graffiti recognizes what is actually being said and its relevance by using patented Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) techniques. Most Articles, Images, Videos, Music Files or e-Commerce Products contain some original meta data placed on that content by the owners of that content. As a web based analytics tool and service, Graffiti will continually analyze these articles of content and update them with more relevant, truly organic, “meta tags” based on actual comments and what is really being talked about. These updates are automated in Real Time as new meta data. The content continues to evolve as the community Comments about it. This translates into the consumers ability to easily find the Articles, Images, Videos, Music Files and Products they seek. User commentary is better defined and assists the content owner with developing a true, instead of perceived or desired, set of tags originally placed by the content owner. What are the benefits to our Clients? Our core functionality allows our clients to analyze Big Data in Real Time, classify and redefine content by evaluating user comment based data generated through consumer engagement. This is no longer “junk” but the most useful element of any content. It is the audience of many brought into focus and use. The evaluation of Big Data, in the form of comments, in turn generates more true engagement which delivers stronger and more refined meta data to use when optimizing search (SEO) as well as Ad Delivery Networks (ADN) Key Word targets or Product Placement for every piece of content. Graffiti accomplishes this by collecting ALL comments available across the web and applying a proprietary algorithm to determine the most appropriate meta-tags and serving these refined meta-tags as a service in REAL TIME back to the original source. As well as to the Ad Delivery Network or Recommendation Engine for increased transaction opportunity in Real Time. This Ad Delivery Network can exist as a stand alone Below The Fold (BTF) ADN thus creating and entire new frontier of revenue inside a barren wasteland. These are found revenues that are proven to be of the highest values in Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA) transactions. Who Can Use Graffiti? Graffiti works with businesses that wants to make deep learning sense of comments and other consumer commentary and use it for engagement and revenue generation practices. Our target clients are Content Owners, Media, Consumer Brands, BioTech, e-Commerce and multi-national Corporations as well as strategic partners with existing technology solutions where we can provide added value to their offering. Intellectual Property Currently holding four United States Patents with more pending and in development ; United States Patent Num.8,055,688, Num.8,126,936, Num.8,543,622, Num.8,930,414

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