Company Description

Social Media Integration Application

4692.ME is an application which enables everyone to leverage their social content to create One-Stop Digital Webfront. Build on Next Generation HnyB Application Platform, 4692.ME provides a clean interface for every one to create their own Converged Social Reflection at no cost. 4692.ME is created by Knowledge 360 (, which has got an expertise in creating cutting edge Social Technologies. Knowledge 360 facilitates technology development and also develops innovative Applications as per continually-changing Information & Communication Technology environments. 4692 is an aggregation of innovations with focus on user experience (UX) consistency across multiple access devices or platforms. Further it is aggregation of technology best practices on one hand while it converges state of the art cutting edge technologies on the other. 4692 makes social media more effective and convenient for all, whether a seasoned social networker or a newbie surfing shallow water of social media. It makes harvesting of social networking power a breeze by removing complexity associated with managing multiple social networks and making process of engaging with connections across diverse social media channels intuitive. 4692 allows a subscriber to manage all routine activities on different subscribed social networks from one place. It provides great ease and flexibility in creating, posting, commenting, and sharing content. 4692 is also a gateway to user content and activity on social sites. Acting as an user's personal home page 4692 provides a fully customizable interface both for administration and to display social media activity in real-time across all the subscribed networks. 4692, an innovation of massive proportion is powered by HnyB Platform and leverages all positives of HnyB tools as well as Social Networking philosophy while removing various gaps existing in present methods.