• 2013 August 01

Company Description

4Band connects Garageband and google docs.

we aim to create a collaborative music production application, Garageband meets Google Docs in other words The music production application is straightforward and has a minimal learning curve: any group of friends with no music/or music production experience will be able to log on and start creating music using our premade library of audio loops. Everyone has an ear for music, enjoys feeling productive and being with friends. Our UX is designed to exploit this, encouraging group creativity and exploration through musical experimentation. As a user play around with the arrangement of loops, he and his friends discover what works and what doesn’t work, communicate their ideas over group chat, and adjust accordingly to create the desired sound. Users will have the ability to use their own vocal or instrument recordings as loops in their projects. We will also offer a paid version of the application that offers more features to users with more experience in music production and creation.

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    Media and Entertainment
  • Formed:

    August 1, 2013
  • Founders:

    Minu Pal
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    • Minu Pal
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