• 1995

Company Description

4CS offers iWarranty software, which helps reduce the warranty cost of products by improving their quality and reliability.

4CS provides warranty software solutions. 4CS iWarranty software helps reduce the warranty cost of the products significantly by improving the quality and reliability of the products, sharing the cost and information with suppliers and business partners along with automating the warranty management processes. The iWarranty product directly connects manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, partners and customers in a service network. It optimizes the entire warranty cycle through the integration of the following applications: Claim Submittal, Claim Processing, Claim Review & Payment, Parts Return, Supplier Warranty, Purchased Warranty, Warranty Analytics, and Warranty Center Founded in 1995 by Ashok Kartham, 4CS is built upon a foundation of four key values: Commitment, Collaboration, Creativity, and Computing Excellence. These are the values that the 4CS team internalizes to provide reliable and creative business computing solutions while building long lasting partnerships with our customers. 4CS provides integrated e-business solutions to many Global 1000 companies with a national and global presence.