• 2011 June 01

Company Description

Mobile Application Software Company

We want to improve consumer and merchants lives by simplifying how they can know where and when to connect with one another from the palm of their hands using GoDutch. People don’t have an ability to create events that they can get their friends to participate in at venues or establishments from their smartphones. Problem: The mobile world today provides no simple unified way that allows people organize a group get together at a venue or event. Social applications should be easy to use, fun, and connect people from many social venues. GoDutch is a social networking Application that connects users across all social spectrums (think Facebook & Twitter) on iPhone and Android devices. The application geographically publishes and enables you to share any event or item at any venue and the cost, within or outside of your immediate community. GoDutch also aims to change the way that merchants use advertising to attract consumers. By bucking mainstream advertising mediums with bloated costs and unknown returns and leveraging the richly dominating mobile smartphone device market, GoDutch will provide merchants with DIY-like control through a slick socially connected Advertising application engine. This provides a simple but immediate choice outside of the typical street corner bed mattress clown and convoluted Ad channel ecosystem. 'I'm in! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Go Dutch”? 
For the 6 co-founders at 4Creative Inc. it simply chained back to a term that a family member used when referring to their foray into dating = ‘ lets split the bill!’. The possibilities exploded. From there it quickly developed into a mobile Application that offers users not only the ability to publish the cost of an event, but create an event that collectively reaches out to friends, establish a venue enriched with on device mapping, provide a timeframe, post a picture... and GoDutch! All the essential social networking features that give users a compelling experience. Most importantly, the Application provides the ability for users to broadcast an event to an to a broad and powerful social networking audience including Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and push notifications on device with the ability for recipients to respond inside the Application alerting the creator 'Who's in'. All of these rich eye appealing features come to you in a smooth flowing interface integrated on todays hottest mobile platforms (iPhone and Android)