• 2012

Company Description

4D Energetics develops stationary energy storage based on adsorption batteries.

4D Energetics, Inc (California Corporation) was established in 2010 in Menlo Park, California. Company develops stationary energy storage based on adsorption batteries. Technology is protected by two US patents. Company operates a 2000 sq. ft. manufacturing and laboratory facility in Menlo Park In 2011 Company received seed funding in the amount of $1.16 million on pre-money valuation of $2.5 million from venture capital firm Bright Capital. Pilot production of full-scale battery electrodes was successfully completed. Batteries have been tested internally and independently at Sandia National Laboratory. Company established partnership with two system integrators MegaBess (Korea) and Raytheon (USA), which have extensive network of customers and supply energy storage products with capacities from 1 kW-h to 1 MW-h and with suppliers of solar and wind generators, (Sea Breeze Power, Canada and IT Solar Systems, USA). ATS Automation (designer of facility for producing automotive batteries for Chevy Volt) was selected as a designer and manufacturer of mass production line. Round A financing will be used to start manufacturing and sales of stand alone energy storage systems with capacity from 1 to 100 kW-h for off-grid and micro-grid customers.