• 2009

Company Description

Online rich media publishing platform.

4delite, founded by Eugene Walden in January 2009, is a software company that provides a scalable, cloud-based rich media publishing platform -- the first self-service solution for advertisers who want to create exportable rich media ads that work across mobile and web platforms, including the iPhone and iPad. The drag-and-drop system enables easy do-it-yourself design, publishing and tracking of IAB and MMA-standard ad formats. Users can acquire image assets through 4deliteâ€s asset APIs, and most importantly, users can publish and export their own .swf, HTML5-friendly .gif and .png files through the 4delite platform without having to program any code. 4delite technology can be licensed by major ad networks to allow enterprise customers to quickly create and place mobile and online ads. The company also offers enterprise packages on a monthly for agency seats. While 4deliteâ€s self-service platform is free to publish, users have the option to upgrade to premium plans if they want to access certain enhanced features. The company will extend its offering across the advertising workflow by rolling out media placement APIs. While 4delite does not charge for publishing online and mobile display creative on the 4delite platform, the Company does make money on media placed through the media placement APIs.