• 2005 May 01

Company Description

4DSwing develops products and services that enable golf players to analyze, share, and compare their swing performances.

4DSwing provides a complete toolset for golfers at all levels for taking their learning and coaching to the next level. 4DSwing analyzer uses hi-speed cameras, running at 170 frames per second, and machine vision algorithms to measure swing performance details that are invisible to the naked eye or video cameras such as speed and movement of club head, wrists, hips and shoulders with greatest accuracy. No wires, sensors, vest etc. attached to player's body nor club. Players can access and analyze all their swing data right after the training session or online 24/7 anywhere on the globe at 4DSwing.com. They can share and compare data, compete with their friends and benefit from the range of online services at the leading golf learning portal in the world.