• 2014

Company Description

Your One-Stop Shop For Keeping Up With Your Congressional Representatives

4USXUS.com is a new kind of social-political website that bridges the gap between voter and government. We aim to simplify the everyday workings of congress by presenting raw, complex legislative data on bills and resolutions in visual, summarized, and easy-to-read formats. We also provide you with up-to-date data and performance metrics of your elected representatives. We also provide a platform on which you can voice your support or opposition via our interactive VOTE function. Your vote on any piece of legislation is immediately sent back to your representative, tracked internally, and assembled to make a personalized, historical relationship graph. Every bill that is brought before congress is introduced into 4USXUS with a simplified explanation as to what it stands for, and what the outcome will be. You can search for bills that are the talk of the town, or search for those on issues that are most important to you. Organizations that work as advocacy groups or trade unions can also vote on their positions on any bill, making it easier for both voter and congress to see what their personal stance is. You can also evaluate the pros and cons of bills, and submit your own feedback. We submit this feedback to your members of congress for review. We provide detailed metrics, including various charts and graphs to explain the stance that your legislators took on a certain issue, and why. We also provide you with the voter trend on bills and resolutions. Congressional staff and senators can gauge public sentiment on every everyday legislation, and judge whether advocacy groups are in favor or against the passing of a particular law. Our goal is to re-engage everyday Americans in democratic process. We believe that all Americans should know how they are truly being represented by being educated on laws that are being passed on their behalf.