• 2013 March 01

Company Description

435 is the smart, stylish and sophisticated guide to the greater Kansas City area and suburbs.

50i50 is a time-space search engine that pinpoints where and when things happen. With the 50i50 app, users visualize on a map whatever is happening around them, now or in the near future: showtimes, alerts, concerts, news, events, shopping deals, meetings, opening hours, class schedules, etc. 50i50 members also inform when and where things happen and record moments of their life in time and space. By intersecting time and space, 50i50 makes the traditional static map come to life. Our long-term goal is to make our time-based map the de facto standard map and create the new generation of time-space GPS. 50i50.org can be accessed on all platforms, screen sizes and browsers. Our overall market is the online mapping market, made of 2 billion unique monthly visitors. Because, 50i50 is a search engine, it can be easily monetized by showing advertising and by selling services related to the search query (for example: a commission on a sport event ticket).