• 2005

Company Description

51CTO is a Chinese leading IT Website

51CTO is a Chinese leading IT Website which was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced IT professionals. Guided by the principle 'Focus on IT, Create a Chinese leading IT website', 51CTO aims at helping enterprise IT managers upgrade their technology management ability and enhance the entire IT level in Chinese enterprise. After more than six years of development, 51CTO has become a primary choice for Chinese CTOs, CIOs and other IT technical staff. Today, 51CTO.com has more than 10 million daily average page views and 3,250,000 registered users, and through the six years of ceaseless innovation and progress, 51CTO has gradually developed into a Chinese leading IT Websites. Three main sites 51CTO now includes: 51CTO.com , CIOAge.com and Watchstor.com It comprises of Seven Distinctive Interactive Platforms and Systems 51CTO Provides eight Professional service vendors and IT Professionals with Accurate, Timely and authoritative information, as Well as Comprehensive.. and targeted promotion services. Technology Accomplishes Dreams, Drives Innovations.