• 2016 January 13

Company Description

Mortgage FinTech for customer acquisition, retention and fulfillment platform, a $ 54 B industry

An experienced team of senior mortgage and tech industry professionals seek a third round of funding of $ 3.0 MM (US) for final development and deployment of a mortgage finapp, “LedgerBox”, with an anticipated roll out in Q1, 2017. The management team are serial entrepreneurs who have worked together for 3 decades, positioning start-ups or maturing companies for exits. They have participated in the development of mortgage financial applications including processing, pricing, automated underwriting and CRM platforms. Operating under a development and deployment agreement with an established tech company providing innovative enterprise solutions to companies such as Coca-Cola, Eli Lilly, FedEx, Raytheon, Warner Bros, and the Library of Congress and others, Version 1.0 of LedgerBox is nearing completion. Debt and convertible debentures have been utilized to finance the development of the application. We seek capital partners for final development and deployment, to build our delivery and support channels and finance the continued versioning of LedgerBox. There is no known integrated single platform competitor to LedgerBox.