• 2014 January 14

Company Description

appLoud is a music application that enables live music fans to communicate with artists.

appLOUD is an app that monetizes fan-generated live performance videos on behalf of artists. Fans using appLOUD can now follow live concerts of their favorite artists and music genres happening all over the world and share their own videos. As fans tag artists' twitter handles, appLOUD tags the videos with LOVE, SHARE, GO, and GIVE buttons. The LOVE button pushes up the videos in rankings. The SHARE button allows the video to be shared in other social networks. The GO button drives fans to live shows from streets corners to large venues. Best of all, the GIVE button collects tips from $1-$20 to give to the artist towards buying new equipment or giving to the artist's favorite charity. All appLOUD needs is for artists to sign up, ideally with same name as their twitter handles, give us their PayPal accounts and the funds start getting remitted to them. appLOUD collects data and will allow venues and promoters to search most popular videos by genre and location so they may book artists who are popular in their areas. A simple CMS tool allows artists to control buttons. Founded by music industry aficionado Cecilia Pagkalinawan, appLOUD was designed as a medium for sharing live performances to promote the exchange of gratitude and support between artists and fans. Based in Brooklyn, New York the company currently focuses their coverage on 3 metropolitan areas across the U.S and U.K.