Company Description

AppNeta delivers an industry-first SaaS portfolio of End User Experience Monitoring services with broad, cross Application Performance Visibility and unprecedented Network Performance Insight. AppNeta arms network and application engineers with the end-to-end visibility needed to know how users experience applications across the network.Delivered from the cloud for extraordinary ease and affordability, AppNeta solutions assure the fastest time to resolution in the industry and superior end-user experience monitoring. Providing thousands of customers worldwide with unmatched performance management services, AppNeta helps you ensure exceptional end-user experience and the successful delivery of your business-critical applications.AppNeta is privately held, and backed by venture investors, including Bain Capital Ventures, JMI Equities, Egan-Managed Capital and Business Development Bank of Canada.The company currently employs 55 people. Customers and partners include Artisan Infrastructure,Bandwidth Management Group, etc.