• 2012

Company Description

appOptim is the monetization and distribution platform focusing on mobile applications.

appOptim is a mobile ad network aimed at app developers; we offer a unique and exclusive monetization solution. Generating high revenue for developers and improving their experience is what we do best. With a strong background in mobile advertising and marketing thanks to more than 10 years experience on the web. The team has been working Hardly to develop a revolutionary social SDK for mobile developers. appOptim focuses on delivering innovation in its social support. Our activity is based on matchless skills, strong partnerships with the greatest media and a network of developers in all categories. For advertisers, we enable to reach millions of users through different ad format adapted to their needs and attract new clients with a non-intrusive user experience. We also provide advanced user targeting, pay per performance and provide advanced monitoring tools to maximize in real time your CPC, reach your audience in a minimum time. For both publishers and Advertisers, a brilliant team is at your disposal to help you reach your goal of Promotion, Socialization and Monetization