• 2013 February 01

Company Description

AppOrchid Inc is a Cognitive Computing powered app building platform for the Internet of everything market.

AppOrchid Inc., a Silicon Valley based enterprise is a disruptive product development company specializing in the revolutionary science of Cognitive Computing. Founded by a successful repeat entrepreneur, the company has signed up healthcare, marketing, device manufacturers and energy customers amongst others. AppOrchid has 4 products that enable development of SaaS based cognitive multi-device apps for the rapidly growing “Internet-of-Everything” industry. Using ground-breaking data science, artificial intelligence and natural language interface, analysts can now develop powerful business apps and solutions with minimum IT oversight and governance. AppOrchid has put together an expansive ecosystem of partners, developers and innovators to help customers build intelligent Big-Data apps across enterprise functions. AppOrchid’ UX interfaces are deployed across a range of form-factors – from wearables and handhelds to retail kiosks and conventional desktop applications.