• 1989

Company Description

It offers an assortment of independent valuation services.

Appraisal Economics is an independent business valuation company that has performed thousands of appraisals over more than 25 years. Their clients range from multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies with diverse operations to privately held, early stage companies. Often, they are engaged by law firms or private equity firms on behalf of their clients or portfolio companies. They also serve government agencies and not-for-profits. Their individual clients have included a Nobel Prize-winning economist, a former United States Secretary of the Treasury, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and many small business owners. Appraisal Economics have appraised business interests and assets worldwide and even the rights to satellite orbit paths in outer space. They offer a range of services including: business valuations, complex securities valuations, intangible asset studies, goodwill impairment studies, trademark and patent valuations, real estate appraisals, and machinery and equipment valuations. They provide appraisal services for accounting, tax, litigation, and transaction-related purposes. Appraisal Economic's team members have graduated from some of the best universities and have gained unique experiences from assignments around the world. We also participate in rigorous continuing education programs because we recognize that staying at the top of our field requires continual growth and development. Some members of their team have been issued a U.S. patent, held the position of chief financial officer, and achieved other high-level accomplishments before joining Appraisal Economics. Their members hold designations and credentials from organizations such as the American Society of Appraisers, the American Institute of CPAs, the CFA Institute, and various real estate licensing boards. Appraisal Economic's team regularly serves in officer positions for the American Society of Appraisers. Their team has authored numerous articles and lectured extensively on valuation topics, including intellectual property and power plants. They also have extensive experience providing expert witness testimony in federal, state, and tax courts, at arbitration hearings, and at Federal Communication Commission hearings. Many members of their staff have received U.S. government security clearance through the Internal Revenue Service background investigation process. This enables them to work on projects of an extremely sensitive nature. Today they have an experienced team of appraisers, accountants, economists, and engineers that have both a deep understanding of common and complex appraisal issues, and diversified real-world experience across many industries. Their wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences allow us to view projects from multiple perspectives and deliver the best possible service to our clients. Appraisal Economics would consider it a privilege to serve you. If you need a valuation for accounting, tax, transaction, litigation, or planning purposes, please contact them.