• 2007 August 23

Company Description

Apprema is an e-commerce site that provides social gifting, group payment and delivery services.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Mark Schreiber, Apprema has developed an easy-to-use online payment and delivery platform for social network gifting. With its exclusive, patent-pending Micro Gifts, Pay Manager (Group Payment), Gift Cards+ and Gift Delivery Network (GDN), Apprema addresses a myriad of obstacles facing consumers who wish to conduct their gifting and delivery online. In addition, Apprema offers unparalleled value, flexibility and choice when it comes to giving Gift Cards. Using Appremaâ€s Micro Gifts, consumers can give gifts online that are between $2 and $10 in value. Simply pick a gift from one of our top retailers, like Starbucks or iTunes, wrap it up in one of our designer eWraps, & send it to their email or Apprema Gift Box (a widget that you can easily download to your social network of choice). Apprema Micro eGifts have real value (unlike Facebookâ€s virtual “gifts”) and are a lot more fun to gift and receive. We expect the revenue potential for Micro Gifts to exceed sales of Facebookâ€s virtual “gifts” (a buck for a jpeg!) in the coming year. Note that in January 2008, Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners analyzed Facebookâ€s “gift” sales and concluded that they would yield $15 million this year. Recently, he revised that revenue number to be between $28 million and $43 million. With Appremaâ€s exclusive Pay Manager, obstacles commonly associated with group gifting are now a thing of the past. After selecting a gift and providing other group gift participants†email addresses, Pay Manager takes over and handles all the payment reminders and processing. No one gets stuck holding the bill or running around collecting payments, which makes Pay Manager a green group gifting solution. Many consumers have told us that they love giving Gift Cards due to the convenience, but feel that maybe it is a bit impersonal. Others say they want to experience the fun of picking out a personal gift. With Gift Cards+ they get the best of both worlds because they can quickly select a Gift Card and also suggest an item that the recipient may want to purchase with it. For example, their special someone loves pop music, but they donâ€t know much about pop artists. No worries—they can get him or her an iTunes Gift Card, and attach an image of the latest album release from Justin Timberlake. Of course, the recipient doesnâ€t have to buy that particular album; it is simply a fun suggestion. With Gift Cards+, consumers suggest a gift and let the recipient choose. Appremaâ€s GDN is poised to become the new FedEx of online gift delivery. With the GDN, consumers can send gifts via email or the Apprema Gift Box, a widget they can download to their social network of choice. Apprema email gifts delivered via the GDN are not the ho-hum, drab text e-mail/purchase confirmations that most retailers send…customers dress ‘em up & “wrap” them in the designer gift eWrap of choice.