Company Description

AppVoyage develops white label platforms for mobile member and debit cards to facilitate payments.

White label platform for mobile member cards, debit cards to make payments using proximity technologies (Bluetooth LE, QR-Codes, NFC) for any brand or merchant. Multi-billion dollar brands are currently stuck with plastic cards, can migrate to mobile app based payments and member services, without reinventing the wheel, using AppVoyage studio, cloud services and market place. Majority of the retailer mobile apps are glorified web-sites, by integrating with AppVoyage technologies, instantly the app becomes enabled for on-premise payments and in-store campaigns. We are also a marketplace for pluggable modules called AppBlox for example, rich in-store engagements using Bluetooth beacons, recommendations, etc. Thus all the foreseeable needs of a brand are captured in one white label platform. We democratize the access to mobile member apps whether it is a top brand or a SMB with affordable subscription based pricing. Link to the apps: