• 2007

Company Description

Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC, the company behind iSwimband

Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC, the company behind iSwimband, was founded by three fathers after one of their children's classmates drowned at a town park. The 9-year-old boy was believed to have been submerged for 5 minutes before his body was finally found*. The tragedy occurred despite several lifeguards, day camp counselors, and even parents watching the water that day. Deeply impacted by the needlessness of that event, and its effect on the entire community, the three founders realized that this was the purpose of their lives: to reduce – if not eradicate – the incidence of preventable drowning. With the introduction and mass appeal of Bluetooth smartphones and tablets, it became possible for ASC to create and offer a portable personal drowning detection system for parents and caregivers – iSwimband. iSwimband takes advantage of these devices' enormous computing power and wireless capabilities to create a safer swimming environment. Use iSwimband every time your loved ones swim or when your toddlers are near the water. iSwimband helps to keep them safe and offers you peace of mind. Swim smart, Swim SAFE with iSwimband.